The Osprey Legal Cloud - Legal Software at its best

Our Legal Software, The Osprey Legal Cloud, is a web based Practice Management System for Law Firms, In House Legal Departments and ABSs. As a web based application The Osprey Legal Cloud brings many benefits over traditional applications and the software includes all of the elements that any law firm would require in one comprehensive yet easy to use package.

The Osprey Legal Cloud was the first Web based system for law firms and we have been experts in this field for over 12 years now.

Being full legal Practice Management Software Osprey Legal Cloud comprises:

  • Legal Accounts Software
  • Time Recording Functionality
  • Case Management
  • Practice Management Software
  • Marketing

The Osprey Legal Cloud is every aspect of your Law Firm working on one software solution

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Blog/News page update: Our Quality Director, Craig Matthews, has written an article about keeping law firms and client funds safe from cyber criminals.